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Friday, September 22, 2006

Drivemocion, an illuminating car message sign

We all know about road rage & the chaotic array of frustrations that rise from interactions with other drivers. I’m sure even the most Zen-like passive person, has had the urge to… know. Lip reading skills aren’t necessary to guess what people are mouthing off, in fact, judging by customary body language we can guess what people are suggesting, even whilst sitting behind them in traffic.

Enter, Drivemocion, “an illuminating car message sign”. It’s called an “illuminating” car message sign for 2 reasons being, it lights up with icons, and its features are what makes it refreshingly simple.

1. it’s cheap, we want everybody to afford it
2. there’s no installation, simply fix with a suction cup
3. no power wires, it’s cleverly battery powered (we’re not suggesting anything powered by batteries is clever, we are suggestion, the insides are clever to make it suitable for battery power, so that, there’s no need for long wires to the cigarette lighter)
4. its wireless, a remote control for the front, a display panel for the back
5. universal, it lights up with smiley’s or words

The great thing about it is, you can be nice. You can say thanks. You can, show a smiley face.

I’m guessing people have mixed opinions on "being nice", but when your blood is bubbling with rage regarding the driver behind you, it’s a fantastic opportunity to transcend & forgive, and press the "happy smiley" button.


  • I really like your product and keep checking your shopping website to get one but it is ALWAYS "out of stock"... Is there a way to really get one???

    By Blogger Jens, at 8:47 PM  

  • Hello Jens,

    Stock is now on it's way from China. I about 2 days customers will be able to pre-order the product to jump the queues.

    We'll be emailing everyone thats contacted us, letting them know this.

    thanks - Ant.

    By Blogger blogonaise, at 5:41 PM  

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