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Friday, September 22, 2006

Welcome to "the AU-MY blog"

Hello to all our future readers, welcoming you to the first AU-MY blog. My name is Anthony Jackson and on behalf of AU-MY, I’ll be updating & maintaining this blog site.

We've only recently come around to the concept of blogging, which lends itself perfectly to our passion, which is sharing ideas for new product innovation. Alot of our time is invested in generating new ideas & products, this blog won’t only be the place to follow these developments, it’s a place where you’re truly valued for your contribution, input & imagination.

I’ll also be looking out for partnership opportunities as AU-MY offers royalty payment schemes to inventers, designers & partners.

We provide the capital & resources, you provide the talent.

Readers will also want to check back frequently as we offer specials, promotions & relevant consumer product information as & when.

If you want to email us directly, you can use go to our online contact form at:

Or alternatively, you can email me directly at


  • Hi Anthony,

    Very interesting concept you have here and welcome to the blogosphere!

    Thanks for the link in. I've got you on my RSS feeder to keep up with what you putting up.

    One thought though, you might want to look at another blog publishing option that offers more flexibility than Blogger. Just my thoughts.


    By Anonymous Donnie Lam, at 3:45 AM  

  • Thanks for your comments Donnie.

    I was flicking through a blog tech book, and in weighing up the options, blogger came out top (for simplicity, and becuase alot of the data is easily transferable - once it gets really popular).

    Did you have any takers on your blog for the drivemocion product?

    By Blogger blogonaise, at 8:31 AM  

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